Genuine Eel Skin Panel - Mint

Current Stock:
  • Species: Eel (eptatretus burgeri)
  • Style: Panel (2 x 5 ft.)
  • Finish: Matte
  • Color: Mint

Item was formerly known as e121

<div class="leatherprofile"> <H2>Eel Leather Profile</H2> <div class="DescriptionList3"> <ul> <li class="image"><img src="/product_images/uploaded_images/eel-skin-leather.jpg"></li> <li><span class="title">Species:</span> <span class="speciesdesc">Hagfish<br /><em>eptatretus burgeri</em></span></li> <li><span class="title">Cites:</span> No</li> <li><span class="title">Origins:</span> Oceania / South Pacific</li> <li><span class="title">Width:</span> 60cm (2')</li> <li><span class="title">Length:</span> 1.5m (5')</li> <li><span class="title">Weight:</span> 0.2mm - 0.3mm</li> </ul> </div> </div> <p>Eel skins are sold in panels which are approximately 70 small skins stitched together into fabric-like sheets. Recently, eel has become more popular in European high fashion with a small but growing presence in the United States. Eel skin panels are 100% genuine eel skin with a shiny, soft and smooth finish. They are soft and stretchable, making them fantastic for upholstery on furniture, cars, and footwear.</p> <p>Despite its softness and flexibility, eel leather is 150 times stronger than typical cowhide of the same thickness. However, because eel skin is so fine, some designers will adhere their eel panels to a piece of firmer cowhide using an aerosol adhesives.</p> <H3><strong>Sizing for Eel Skin Panels</strong></H3> <p>Each panel is 10 square feet (2 x 5 ft.) in both matte and glossy finishes.</p> <H3><strong>Legalities and Conservation</strong></H3> <p>Eels are fish (although commonly mistaken as snakes) and our species of eel, known as hagfish <em>eptatretus burgeri</em>our skins are a by-product of the fishing industry for sushi and gourmet cooking. They are found in the South Pacific/Oceania region and at the time of this writing at not endangered. Our eel skins do not require CITES for legal trade.</p>

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