Genuine Python Back Cut Skin - Glazed Natural Finish in Blue

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  • Species: Python (Reticulated) (reticulatus)
  • Style: Back Cut
  • Length: 3 - 3.5m (9.75 - 11.5 ft.)
  • Finish: Glazed
  • Color: Blue

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<div class="leatherprofile"> <H2>Python Leather Profile</H2> <div class="DescriptionList3"> <ul> <li class="image"><img src="/product_images/uploaded_images/python-skin-leather.jpg"></li> <li><span class="title">Species:</span> <span class="speciesdesc">Reticulated Python<br /><em>reticulatus</em><br />Short Tail Python<br /><em>brongersmai</em></span></li> <li><span class="title">Cites:</span> Yes - Appendix II</li> <li><span class="title">Origins:</span> Southeast Asia</li> <li><span class="title">Size (W/L):</span> <span class="speciesdesc">Width: 20cm (8') - 45cm (18")<br />Length: 1.5m (5') - 5.5m (16.5')</span></li> <li><span class="title">Weight:</span> 1/2 - 1 oz.</li> </ul> </div> </div> <p>Python skin is a beautiful, strong leather with a distinctly diverse number of colors, tanning options and finishes for thousands of truly unique and one-of-a-kind applications. Roj&eacute; python has been used for luxury handbags, hats, boots, furniture and wall coverings all over the world.</p> <p>Roj&eacute; proudly boasts the largest inventory of color options, finishes and styles of python skins in the United States, leaving it only to your imagination in how to best utilize genuine python into your patterns and designs.</p> <H3><strong>Sizing for Reticulated & Short Tail Python Skins</strong></H3> <p>Our stocked reticulated python skins can range from 2.5 meters (9 ft.) up to 5 meters (25 ft.). The majority of our stocked reticulated python skins are over 3 meters (10 ft.) in length. However, it is the width of the Grade 1 python that determines both the rarity and price. Python skins are measured in centimeters at their widest central point. For example, an XXXL hide comes from a much older more mature animal vs. a large python. These larger animals are more prone to natural scars when slithering about in the jungle and issues typically show in the center of their skin. This makes big, clean skins very rare within the international marketplace. Reticulated python are know for prominent natural markings when processed without bleaching (referred to as unbleached). These natural markings form distinct diamond patterns which are more visible on front cut skins. Currently, 300,000 reticulated python skins can be legally harvested from the wild each year in South East Asia, also know as a quota. </p> <p>Our stocked short tail python skins are typically bleached during processing to show consistent color saturation throughout the entire skin and devoid of natural markings. Short tail python's natural markings are not very attractive and appear faded, even with modern tanning. Short tail python has an advantage over reticulated python as 2 short tail equal 1 reticulated python. Each short tail is 1.5 meters or 5 feet. Please see the click-able measuring guide above which will enlarge with a visual representation of the size difference. There are currently less than 30,000 short tail python skins which can be legally harvested from the wild each year in South East Asia, also know as a quota. </p> <p>Please note that when you receive your first order(s) of python the tiny holes on the outer edges are not defects and/or 2nd grade skins. These holes are made during processing and stretching; they are absolutely imperative in creating a soft, pliable finished skin or leather. The toggling (or pegging, or stretching) is an important part of the process and will always be visible on the outside of every python skin from every supplier. On the subject of other suppliers, please do your due diligence and order from several suppliers to compare and contrast quality, paying attention to the suppleness or softness as determining factors to freshness and consistency when ordering matte or garment finishes. </p> <p>*Note that all exotic skins are a commodity, and as such, all of our leathers are subject to availability.</p> <p><strong>Always know the width you need before making a purchase.</strong> We want you to have a smooth and hassle-free experience shopping with us. Our staff have over a decade of experience in working with exotic leathers; if you are not sure which size or quantity of skins you need for your project, contact us prepared with the measurements of your pattern so we can assist you with obtaining the right amount of material.</strong></p> <p>Also, see our <a href="/leather-thickness-conversions/">conversion charts</a> if you need to convert between inches/cm for the width or material thickness.</p> <H3><strong>Legalities and Conservation</strong></H3> <p>Our python skins are legally imported through South East Asia and are protected by US Fish and Wildlife regulations and CITES Appendix II. Each year, 300,000 reticulated pythons skins are traded under CITES authority and approximately 30,000 short tail python skins. All of our skins are inspected prior to leaving their origin country and prior to entering the United States or the final destination country.</p> <p>Our skins originate in both Indonesian and Malaysia, an important distinction for EU customers: Malaysian CITES skins are banned and confiscated in the EU.</p> <p>We also adhere to California State Law (CA Penal Code 653o) and will not ship python to any customer with a California address.</p>

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