Shark Skin - Forrest Green Matte

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  • Species: Shark (prionace glauca)
  • Cut: Oval Double Fin Holes
  • Finish: Matte
  • Color: Forrest Green

Item was formerly known SHBAC

<div class="leatherprofile"> <H2>Shark Leather Profile</H2> <div class="DescriptionList3"> <ul> <li class="image"><img src="/product_images/uploaded_images/shark-skin-leather.jpg"></li> <li><span class="title">Species:</span> <span class="speciesdesc">Shark<br /><em>prionace glauca</em></span></li> <li><span class="title">Cites:</span> No</li> <li><span class="title">Origins:</span> <span class="speciesdesc">Asia Pacific<br />Gulf Coast<br />South America</span></li> <li><span class="title">Size:</span> <span class="speciesdesc">Body: 0.25m2 (3sqft) - 1.1m2 (12 sqft)</span></li> <li><span class="title">Weight:</span> 1.8mm - 2.5mm</li> </ul> </div> </div> <p>Shark is thicker than most leathers; we have black fin species ranging from 2 to 4 oz. in thickness, the larger the skin the thicker. Shark hides are measured in their overall square footage. Rojé standard pricing accommodates shark skins in these sizes:</p> <table width="300"> <tr> <td width="150px"><strong>Large - X-Large</strong></td><td width="150px">3 - 10 sq ft</td> </tr> </table> <br /><br /> <div id="acc2"> <div class="accordion"> <h2><a style="cursor:pointer;">About Shark Skin & Legalities</a></h2> <div class="inner"> <p>Shark skin is reknowned for its course texture and prominent grains. Shark skin is prized for this quality; the finer varieties are used for shoes, handbags and other leather items. Our shark skins are tanned with extra oils to give them a softer, garment-grade feel and have the thickness and courseness that can be accentuated by skiving to a nubuck or suede finish by applying a high-grit sandpaper.</p> <p>Our sharks are wild and the quality of their skin is a direct reflection of their harsh natural environment; Rojé is the only seller in the marketplace that provides credits for holes, blemishes and imperfections outside of the standard A- or H-shape from harvesting around the fins.</p> <H3><strong>Legalities and Conservation</strong></H3> <p>All Rojé stocked shark skins come from non-endangered and non-threatened shark species <em>prionace glauca</em> with no CITES required. Our skins originate from Asia Pacific, the Golf Coast and South America and are most often the by-products of fishing villages and international cuisine.</p> <p>Shark skin is always in high demand and seasonal. If you intend to use shark skin for any of your projects, always know in advance how much material you will need and purchase it all at once.</p> </div> </div> </div>

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